e•thos /ē,THäs/

The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

We were raised on a healthy love of the game. We learned to play the game in sandlots, backyards, and video games. We collected baseball cards of our favorite Major Leaguers. We followed our favorite Latino baseball players in the off season. Many of these players would continue playing baseball for winter league teams in Latin America. These leagues can be found throughout baseball loving Latin American countries. They have long rich and storied history. Many Negro League Players and Major league players spent their winters living and playing in these countries. Naturally we became fans and fell in love with aesthetics of these teams. We wanted to represent our love and passion for these clubs as much as our favorite major league teams. We searched for years to find quality and fashionable caps. Unfortunately, that was easier said than done. So, in 2021 we decided to start to lay the foundation for what would become Herencia 21. We decided to create our own caps. Our goal is to create fashionable wearable pieces that draw on our heritage. Taking inspiration from baseball and melding it with the Latin American culture. We want to create artisanal caps and pins that catch people's attention and bring light to these leagues, teams, and countries. We believe in using high quality materials and consistently upgrading our design and production. We are proud to pair our products with our passion for customer service.

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